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When you challenge yourself, you are able to unlock your true potential.

Young students have a natural desire to explore, learn and create. At St. Ann, we foster a safe, nurturing environment where students can feel comfortable to push their limits and challenge their minds. Our commitment to learning emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration and mutual respect. It is designed to expose our students to new experiences with the goal of building confidence in themselves and their abilities. We believe that by encouraging our students to challenge themselves, they will unlock their true potential.


In a changing and challenging world, 21st century skills are no longer learned at the college level. We believe they begin early, even in elementary school. By integrating technology and starting early, our students are more likely to succeed and feel prepared as they grow and meet the challenges ahead.


A St. Ann education includes everything from prayer life and science experiments, to service projects and fine arts performances. It involves nurturing teachers who encourage our students to be their best and challenge them to learn grade-level appropriate problem-solving techniques. Since no child learns in the same manner, our education includes learning support and guidance programs.

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